Notice: minor work and hard copy submissions

In the light of the national, disaster declared on the 15 March 2020, the KZN Amafa and research institute is discouraging in person minor work submissions to the built environment section on Mondays over the next 4-5 weeks in view of the health risks associated with crowded waiting rooms. Staff may also need to take leave at short notice during this period.  Anyone who visits the office do so at their own risk and anyone exhibiting ‘flu-like symptoms will be turned away.

Applications for approval of minor work can be submitted by email and staff will fast track these applications where possible.  No promises can be made at this stage and no time frames for the processing of these applications can be given.  Email the applications to beadmin@amafapmb.co.za and identify them as minor work + street address  in the subject field on the email.

Minor work is defined as work on additional structures on the site – boundary walls (non-listed), garages, outbuildings, swimming pools, carports/awnings/gazebos – and/or very minor work on the main structure (altered bathroom & kitchen layouts, internal door openings changed, alterations to verandas at the rear of the building or alterations that have very minor impact on the front and side facades and spaces of non-listed structures).  All other alterations, additions and demolition applications submitted will be sent through the normal process which can take up to 90 days to complete.

The processing of applications submitted during December and January is still underway.  Interruptions of this process by visits, phone calls or emails should be avoided during this period as the public holidays and any forced leave during the next 4-5 weeks will impact the capacity to process the applications that have already been submitted and have a knock-on effect on those still to be submitted.


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