Heritage Sites| Ethekwini

From the Drakensburg Rock Paintings to the historical Isandlwana, Kwazulu Natal is rich with heritage. This is a guide to some of the   historical buildings, archeological sites, cultural treasures and scenic areas that make up KwaZulu-Natal’s most valuable heritage sites.

Berlin Mission Church, Clermont
(Not suited to public visits)

Lutheran Church, New Germany

Umbilo Waterworks and Indigo Vats
(Not open to Public)

Bergthell Museum

Morewood Memorial Gardens, Verulam

Ghandi Phoenix Settlement

Ohlange Institute

Beachwood Mangroves

Dick King Statue

Cato Manor Township

Sastri College

Howard College / Memorial Tower

Umbilo Shri Ambalavanaar Alayam

Old Fort

Kwa Muhle Museum

Durban City Hall

Old Post Office

Local History Museum

Farewell Square

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