Community Heritage

The identification of provincial heritage is intended to be driven by local authorities. Legislation requires that District Municipalities take responsibility for heritage within their areas of jurisdiction. The municipality is required to engage with the public and provide Amafa with heritage proclamation nomination proposals, which are then considered by The Amafa Council.

In addition to accepting nominations for protection of heritage sites, Amafa accepts requests for assistance from the public to erect markers at heritage
sites, notably ancestral sites. Over the past five years, the Amafa Council has funded markers for the following sites:

Dumisa Great Place
Ndlela ka Sompisi site
Itshe lika Mangethe
Grave of Inkosi Dingiswayo
Grave of Queen Nandi
Tofolo Molefe Ancestral Site
Hlubi Ancestral Site
Ghabisa Ancestral site
Prince Dabulamanzi Grave
Site of Mboma Tree
Sihayo memorial
AmaBhaca Ancestral sites
Khondlo Mazibuko Pool
Hlopekulu site
Tshingwayo kaMahole site
Umbiya Mthetwa site
Memorial to Black and Indian Non-combattants at Spioenkop
Ndaba Ancestral Site
Inkosi Maphitha site (partially funded)
Ngidi Fortress (Ancestral Site)
Addington Indentured labour Cemetery
ShakasKraal Indentured Labour cemetery
Nzama Ancestral Site
Mkwanazi ancestral site
King Cetshwayo Death Site

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